Awesome Gaming Video - shaco brain - iamveryfamous


Shaco is a very complex LoL character and that is common knowledge for anyone who plays League of Legends. He is also a very demanding hero as well, but also one who can provide some amazing experiences for those who wield him correctly. Here's where the iamveryfamous YouTube channel and the atypical, yet brilliant gamer and content creator behind it step in. So far, iamveryfamous has been showcased here on the AAG website not once, but twice, giving an insight into his work and interests when it comes to gaming. But, in his most recent video, iamveryfamous managed to outdo himself through a range of breakthrough moments that are, once again, amazing and unexpected. Check out the Shaco video right here to see why:

The big change on the iamveryfamous channel is the fact that the same content creator now does his own editing. He decided to go that extra mile so that his channel gets a breath of fresh air. The result is something that goes way beyond that and offers a very fun and engaging, but also enlightening video.

The most impressive thing about it is the monologue at the start of the clip. The topic is how to play Shaco in LoL and iamveryfamous gives out a very insightful and attention-grabbing overview of that idea, which sounds very much like a part from a classical movie in lines of Trainspotting or Wolf of Wall Street. In it, iamveryfamous explores the mindset behind Shaco, following it with a great montage of visuals. Then, the video kicks into a higher gear and showcases a series of LoL match moments.

Because of all of this, any League of Legends fan has to check the same video out. Not only that, you need to check out iamveryfamous on Twitch and Twitter as well. Before you do, don't forget to do yourself a favor and subscribe to the iamveryfamous YouTube channel as soon as you can.