Awesome Gaming Video: angry variety pack - I AM NOT A SHACO MAIN by iamveryfamous

The name of iamveryfamous is no stranger on this gaming portal. Some time ago, the same gaming content creator was featured here, along with his unique brand of humor. Since then, he's been hard at work with gaming content, pushing out some very successful videos like this piece. Throughout the same process, his sights remained squarely focused on League of Legends. This applies to his latest video and its winning description, which simply states "i'm bad and everyone else should feel bad". Check out the full high-octane LoL action (and the expected outbursts of humor) right here:

In slightly over 4 minutes, iamveryfamous created an insanely pumped-up (pun intended) video. The level of action it presents is a must-see for all LoL fans and especially those who like their gaming content somewhat different than your cookie-cutter creations.

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