Awesome Gaming Video: iamveryfamous - Trickster Montage - GET OFF OF ME

The first thing you'll likely notice when you check out the iamveryfamous YouTube channel is the sense of humor. For example, here's how the game and content creator behind the channel describes himself:

"I'm hurting inside so I make others hurt by the way I play games."

When you read something like this you have to know immediately that this person can't be anything besides cool. Then, you can check out the iamveryfamous actual content. To do that, take a look at his recent video, a LoL Trickster montage, right here:

This is the moment where the sheer quality of his gaming content shines. The video comes with a perfectly chosen music track, along with a display of some impressive moments from matches, all bundled into a very entertaining video. That's no surprise, being that he is also an Ex Diamond-Challenger. However, besides his main interest (which is League of Legends), he also plans on showcasing a lot of different gaming content (like Escape From Tarkov).

If you're partial to a bit of humor and some awesome gaming, follow this content creator on Twitch and Twitter. Before you go and do that, don't forget to subscribe to his iamveryfamous YouTube channel this very instant!