Interview: Dire Boar Games and Reality Incognita

With the ascendance of F2P mobile games and massive competitive multiplayer titles, both of which are basically storyless, it might seem that classic single player adventures have never been rarer. However, while AAA studios might not produce them en masse, the indie developers have not given up on this staple gaming genre. One of them is Dire Boar Games studio and its title Reality Incognita I already wrote about. As a hard-core point and click adventure set in an abandoned spaceship full of mystery and danger, it is something that every adventure fan out there should check out on its Steam page. I’m discussing the game with Evgenie from Dire Boar Games, more precisely how it came about and why more adventure players should know about it.

Ivica: Can you first of all tell us what the game is all about?

Evgenie: I will be happy to! The game is about a young girl who wakes up on a spaceship, without memories of herself or past events. And if this isn’t enough, she is also locked up tight – while she can check two adjacent rooms, she can’t get out of the hibernation section just like that. And, with the player's help, she needs to find a way out of this situation. As she, with player’s help, moves on, she will uncover more and more territory to explore, will find many items on her way, and even meet other survivors. However, instead of finding any answers, she will get even more questions. Also, very soon she will find out that there is a maniac on the ship, an elusive psychopath, who keeps up with murdering other survivors, and sabotaging the ship. The game has many places where the heroine can die – and no one will warn the player before those moments. Anyone playing will have to rely on his or her instincts and common sense. The game has two endings – and only one of these will allow players to really uncover the truth. And I am sure that it will be unexpected to most of the players!

Ivica: It’s a rich story. How did the idea for the game come about? When I played it, I felt a strong System Shock feel. Was this one of the inspirations and what else was?

Evgenie: The game that originally inspired me was “Alien Virus”, a very old adventure game released in 1994 by “Trecision S.p.A”. Honestly, I never played System Shock, so I can't really compare. Also, I tried to take inspiration from old Sierra games, specifically King’s Quest series – specifically, it’s where I took the idea that game should be hardcore – with many ways for protagonist to die, without warnings or auto-saves, and also that puzzles might have more then one solution, and game itself more than one ending.

Ivica: The title got published last year on Steam. Getting indie games some exposure on this platform is a hard process. What did you learn about the way Steam works since you published the game?

Evgenie: It’s indeed a very hard process. As I already said in a previous interview, the hardest thing for an indie developer is to get noticed. I do believe my game is good, but it still hasn’t got enough hype and reputation.

Ivica: Are you planning some promotional activities where the players can get the game on a discount? Also, is the studio planning to join seasonal Steam sales?

Evgenie: The easiest thing to get noticed, is to participate in as many Steam sales, and other potential events for discounts. I will take part in as many such events as possible and recommend all beginner developers to do the same!

Ivica: Reality Incognita is now a brand - a small one, but still a brand. Any plans for a sequel?

Evgenie: Indeed, there are plans! I already have some basic ideas for the sequel, but to really start writing a solid story, I must see that Reality Incognita gained enough hype. For now, I am working on a game of different franchise and even a different genre – Indie Comic Creator Tycoon. But once Reality Incognita gets famous, I’ll sure consider making a sequel. I can’t reveal what’s it about – there are still not many people who finished the first part, and I don’t want to reveal any spoilers. but I can say, the second part, if there will be one, will continue very soon after the “good” ending of the first one.

Ivica: I most definitely deserves more attention as well as a sequel. Lastly, what would you say to new indie devs who are planning to make their own adventure games? Is the process worth it and what are your biggest takeaways from Reality Incognita in particular?

Evgenie: This is what I will say - if you have a dream, pursue it! Especially if you have some unique ideas about your adventure games. I am sure that many adventure game players will agree – modern adventure games are way too similar to each other. And, often they are very easy. Adventure games market needs something new and unique. And if you have something that can be unique – don’t be afraid and make the game of it!

Ivica: Thanks for talking to me about all of this!

A big thanks to Evgenie for his insight and do check out  Reality Incognita on Steam!  Furthermore, you should follow Dire Boar Games on their Facebook fan page and Twitter account, as well as consider supporting the same studio on its Patreon page as well!