Science Fiction Adventure - Reality Incognita

Reality Incognita is (currently) a PC-only game, but it shows just how important personal commitment and dedication are when it comes to indie games. Made by the Dire Boar Games and basically a single developer, this adventure game places the player in the shoes of a person who wakes up on a spaceship, not having a clue what had transpired. However, she quickly finds out that death and murder are all around, while mortal danger threatens her as well.

The game might not be the most polished work in the indie adventure genre, but it is a work of love. I’m always skeptical when big companies try to peddle passion and dedication to their employees but then cut them down when market indicators go a bit south (and who tend to be kicked out to the curve in increasing numbers). However, when it comes to indie developers, passion does pay off.

Reality Incognita is available on Steam and I think it is worth your time if you like indie games. Also, check out the game’s trailer right there!