Hot on Steam: Reality Incognita is coming out on October 14!

The Dire Boar Games studio and the single developer behind it worked hard on the horror space adventure Reality Incognita. Now, the same game finally has its release date and it's hitting the Steam market on October 14, 2019.

This game is a pure labor of love and a great showcase that you should never give up in game development if you truly want to create art. Now, this story of a person who wakes up on a deserted spaceship full of dangers, bodies, mysteries and even some hilariousness is going to go out to the international PC audience. The experience it offers is both novel and deeply rooted in classic adventure games, especially those set in the great unknown of space.

Through several years of development, I personally witnessed that the game constantly got better and better. Now, it is ready for the world and you should wishlist it as soon as you can. Then, start from the 14th of October, get in on its official Steam page and enjoy some incredible horror adventure gaming.