Excellent Gunstar Heroes Sega Genesis Gameplay by Play&Record!

Several months after the Play&Record YouTube channel has been featured here on AAG, it's great to see the same content creator is still going strong! This channel, which focused squarely on retro gaming without any commentary, recently decided  to feature one of the best run&gun games that ever appeared on the Sega Genesis gaming console.

The title in question is Gunstar Heroes, which came out in 1993, allowing it to harness the most out of the Sega Genesis and its capabilities. Today, over 30 years since its release, the game's blend of polished graphics and breakneck action defines it as one of the best platformer video games of all time. Play&Record decided to showcase it in its full glory, so check out the same clip right here:
In the clip, which lasts nearly an hour and a half, the full incredible quality of Gunstar Heroes can be seen! From diverse levels and excellent pixel art animation, all the way to the powerful midi-music soundtrack, this game was truly the pinnacle of its home console era. Play&Record managed to present it in the best possible manner and also do it through its entirety. This means that the clip begins with the start of the game and ends with the credit roll, so it covers the complete title from top to bottom.

All of this once more shows the sheer incredible affection that Play&Record cherishes for retro video games. It takes a lot of time and effort to make videos like this and anyone who is into retro gaming should check out Play&Record on the social network X, and naturally, subscribe to the same YouTube channel right now!