Retro Gaming Gold - Rod Land and the Play&Record YouTube Channel!

Across the world, there's been a rising interest in retro gaming and video game titles from several decades ago. That trend is gripping even the younger generations, as the recent article from The Guardian showcased, mainly thanks to the fact that old video games still have so much to offer. In the midst of this retro gaming revival, there is also some amazing new video content finding its way to the retro fans. Enter Play&Record YouTube channel!

This brand new online location is fully dedicated to the wonderous world of retro gaming. On this channel, the same content creator is dedicated to playing and sharing old hits and thus spreading the love for all things retro gaming. To see what's the channel all about, check out this clip of the Rod Land playthrough:
Here, the same content creator showcases Rod Land, a Japanese video game from 1990 that was known as Yōsei Monogatari Rod Land. Here, the full glory of high-budget early 90s platformers can be seen, from vibrant colors to meticulously crafted gameplay. The channel does the same justice to other retro games, which presently include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, Metal Slug, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Super Sprint, and Shantae.

All of these are clearly played and recorded by someone who truly loves retro video games. Besides the current videos, I'm certain that many more will come down the road for this brand new channel. So, if you're also a retro gaming aficionado, subscribe to Play&Record YouTube channel and be the first to see new amazing videos from the bygone eras of gaming.