Awesome Gaming Video - Mission Skyhammer | NFS Payback | Cop chase gameplay by NavalVikas


The NavalVikas YouTube channel is a very cool gaming location that was showcased earlier this year. Today, it's awesome to see that the same channel and the talented content creator are still going strong! Not only that, but the videos only got better and more exciting. To see what I mean, check out the NavalVikas right here - it's the clip of Mission Skyhammer from the title NFS Payback. Watch the whole trilling Need for Speed gameplay video below:

In less than seven minutes, the clip manages to showcase an exciting cop chase gameplay, mixed into the narrative cutscenes. The result is fast, dynamic, and exceedingly appealing to not only the fans of the Need for Speed series, but anyone who enjoys top-notch gaming content.

Of course, one of the clearest reasons for this is the fact that NavalVikas is very much into music and the NSF clip is perfectly blending with his other content, which is music. Recently, he's been publishing covers like the exceptional guitar cover of the Killing in the name of from the cult band Rage Against The Machine. But, making music didn't stop him from publishing gaming videos, including titles like Dead Island, Until Dawn, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and Spiderman.

If you’re into cool video games and cool music covers, don't miss out on any future videos from this truly multi-talented content creator! Follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his NavalVikas YouTube channel if you haven't already!