The Last of Us 2 | Ellie vs Nora chase & fight - Awesome Gaming Video by NavalVikas

Being a gaming content creator who combines video games and some other big passion is always a winning combination. That's precisely what NavalVikas YouTube channel offers. The same gamer is dedicated to the creation of high-quality content but is also an incredible musician. This unlikely mix works fantastically for NavalVikas as you can see in one of his latest videos, which showcases a particularly intense sequence from the amazing Last of Us 2. What the whole clip right here:

The video, showcasing the chase and the prolonged fight between the main character of Ellie and Nora is incredibly dynamic and exciting, while NavalVikas manages to capture it perfectly. This is also just the start of his video gaming content creation, as he plans on making many new Playstation-based videos.

However, all of that is made even more impressive by the fact that NavalVikas creates awesome music. Just check out his cover of I Am the Highway from Audioslave or Schizophrenic Conversations from Staind. Both versions are more than impressive!

It is clear that NavalVikas has a lot to offer and this is only the beginning of his gaming content creation. If you'd like to support his really cool creator, follow him on Facebook and Instagram, but first of all, subscribe to NavalVikas YouTube channel right now!