Fortnite x LEGO Collaboration - Coming in 2023!

Another massive collaboration is about to hit the Fortnite ecosystem. Тhe same deal involves arguably the most recognizable maker of toys for kids and adults, the LEGO company. In the coming months, this collaboration should see the Fortnite space get blocked-out and feature many elements from the globally famous brand. This brand deal has been in the works since 2022, but now it appears to be ready for deployment to the Fortnite audience.

So far, it is not clear what this huge partnership will entail, but clearly the plans of both companies are very ambitious. The famous LEGO figurines will certainly be present in Fortnite, either as skins or as some other form of collectibles. There is also a lot of talk about the possibility of using LEGO to create a space for a new map or at least an extension of one of the current maps.

However, the most exciting element of the collaboration appears to be the possibility of using Unreal Engine plugins or sub-systems in Fortnite to scan personal LEGO models in real space. That alone could be a huge boon to the Fortnite players, many of whom would love to see their models come to life. Thanks to that, it seems that the huge success of the latest Fortnite metaverse expansion is almost guaranteed to become a huge success!