Lego and Fortnite Creator Epic are making a Kid-Friendly Metaverse


Lego and Epic Games managed to recently strike up a huge partnership that will see them create a metaverse designed for the younger players, as well as their families. Epic Games, famous for its game creator Unreal Engine and the smash hit Fortnite, will join forces with The Lego Group on working on this version of the interconnected digital space.

The companies want to build a digital ecosystem that will be family-oriented and kid-friendly in all its aspects. The present level of details about the same project is very low. But, according to Polygon, the companies will provide tools that will allow users to both play and create inside of the same space. There are also no details on the development timeline or when should first public version hit the market (and the rest of the metaverse).

However, analysts are pointing out that both companies are likely planning to muscle into the market of Minecraft and Roblox, both of which have a similar pitch to a similar audience. Furthermore, LEGO has a rich selection of sandbox-like games, so the partnership very much makes complete sense.