The 🔥VLOKR Swag Pack🔥 is Here!


The VLOKR lifestyle just got a huge upgrade with an amazing collection of real-life merch that the upcoming decentralized video sharing platform is now offering. Not only that, the same initiative comes in the form of a Twitter campaign where a few lucky individuals will get their hands on the 🔥VLOKR Swag Pack🔥 before anyone else!

As you can see, the collection includes the now-famous combo of black and green, along with a very versatile selection of merch models. With a bit of good fortune, you could get your hands on these so follow VLOKR on Twitter right now!

Also, don't forget to check out the That streak continues with the launch of the platform's official tokens on PinkSale and read a very detailed Medium post about the future development of this promising decentralized video sharing platform!