VLOKR Token is launching on PinkSale!

The VLOKR decentralized video sharing platform has been making huge leaps forward in recent weeks. That streak continues with the launch of the platform's official tokens on PinkSale, which is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to front seat to the video content revolution that VLOKR offers. As a blockchain-based video-oriented social media network, VLOKR  provides a promise of a completely different Web 3 service. With its decentralized protocol, the same platform can change the way video content is not just shared, but also created and how it generates revenue for its users.

The VLOKR token is an essential part of that process. With this powerful utility token, users can gain voting rights, but also curate, post videos, and promote content on the platform. VLOKR employs BEP-20 Liquidity Token standard and will generate value even outside of the same ecosystem, similar to traditional cryptocurrencies.

All of this and so much more is listed in the recent Vlokr Official Medium post. Here you will be able to get all of the information on the VLOKR lifestyle revolution and how you can join it right now!