Rabbit Tunnel - Path Puzzle game - Exciting and Fun Casual Android Release!

There's plenty of casual puzzle apps on the Google Play market. However, one game stands out as of recently and that is the Rabbit Tunnel - Path Puzzle game. Last year, the AAG showcased the same title while it was in the early stages of development. Now, the same game is ready for its audience and there is no doubt that it will manage to find it quickly, as it offers an excellent casual gaming package.

At its core, the game offers a type of an inverted labirinty setup. The players begin each level with one or more openings from which a rabbit will come bursting out into a scrambled maze. Their job is to allow the same rabbit to escape the same maze by modifying it so that these animals can successfully exit it. To do that, they manipulate elements by rotating them or swapping their positions. The later levels include multiple rabbits and the ability to funnel more of them into the same paths. All of that is very straightforward and simple to initially learn and understand. However, the game presents a rising challenge and players will have to really dig deep to overcome them.

Here, the developers of the game, IntelliFunZone, made sure that there is a huge number of levels, divided into four different packs. It will also help in establishing that sense of an exciting challenge. But, there is no doubt that all who enjoy casual gaming will find Rabbit Tunnel - Path Puzzle game to be absolutely thrilling.

Lastly, the game has a huge appeal across the board when it comes to the type of gamers who can enjoy it. From very young players to veteran gamers, the game offers crisp colorful graphics and a very intuitive UI and overall user experience. These blend perfectly with the gameplay mechanics and how the game's core challenge functions. Through this unison of audio-visuals, and the actual process of playing the game, users of the same app can really find something that is beyond a regular casual Android release. To find this for yourself, download Rabbit Tunnel - Path Puzzle game for free on Google Play and start enjoying it right now!