Promising Mobile Title Rabbit Tunnel - Path Puzzle Game Enters Open Beta on Google Play!

Creating a good casual game, especially one for a mobile device, is all about setting up great foundations and polishing them up until they are near-perfect. Rabbit Tunnel - Path Puzzle Game is a free Android release that has those foundations locked in place. Now, it is seeking to get player feedback and make sure that the level of polish becomes impeccable!

This game was created by IntelliFunZone and it is the team's first game. It comes with a very straightforward concept that is exceedingly easy to pick up once you begin playing. It includes a puzzle environment where players need to manipulate elements of a maze so that they create a path which a rabbit can use to escape. With each new level, the demands of this puzzle maze begin to grow. So, while the game is something anyone can learn in minutes, it is a lot harder to master. Right here is the place where that perfect balance of challenge and difficulty lies.

The game features three different packs of levels. These are beginner, intermediate, and finally expert packs. All of them present interesting challenges, but also dynamic difficulty. This is something all fans of puzzle gaming will appreciate, no matter if they're veteran players or novices in the same genre.

At the same time, the game offers a very colorful and vibrant visual setup for its players. Everything from the layout of the levels to the UI structure is clearly thought-through and defined in a very appealing way. With it, anyone can both enjoy the game and quickly understand the basics of gameplay.

Lastly, the team at IntelliFunZone is obviously dedicated to making the best possible experience for their players. That is why the game is presently in a Beta phase and IntelliFunZone wants to get as much feedback as possible (either on the Play Store or directly on their email at The same data will then be used to improve the game, add new features and make it as polished and shiny as possible for its August release. If all of this sounds like something you'd like to try out, Rabbit Tunnel - Path Puzzle is available for free on Google Play!