Team17 Announces and Renounces NFT Worms Projects


Non-fungible tokens are becoming more and more a hot-button topic. On one hand, people are investing heavily into NFTs, but on the other, many more find them completely irritating and repugnant. But, NFT blockchain tech is here to stay and gaming companies cannot ignore that. Recently, Ubisoft decided to launch their Ghost Recon Quartz NFT project. Following them, another big developer decided to do the same, but quickly changed their mind.

That developer is Team17, which is the studio behind the legendary Worms series. As one of the largest publishers in the UK gaming industry, they are a true giant. However, when they announced a NFT collection from their Worms franchise, the backlash was more than even they could handle.

The project name is MetaWorms but the public response was more than negative. Even some other developers that worked with Team17 attacked this decision, including Aggro Crab. With that level of heavy and hard rejection, the developer and publisher decided that the only way forward is to listen to the community and pull the plug on MetaWorms. From the present perspective, that seems like the right move for all involved.