Ubisoft's Ghost Recon is Getting its own NFT

The world of non-fungible tokens has been growing rapidly in the past two years. Now, one of the biggest AAA gaming companies, Ubisoft, is employing the same technology inside of its own game development. Recently, the company announced that it is creating Ubisoft Quartz, a non-fungible token platform where it will be offering NFTs called Digits. These will be things like vehicles, equipment, and weapons, all found inside of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The game itself will begin its beta testing phase soon as well.

As unique digital entities, these Ubisoft NFTs will be open to collecting and trading, all at the top of using them in the game itself. However, Ubisoft is adamant that the NFTs will be purely cosmetic and will not influence the game in any way. Furthermore, Ubisoft is saying that the tech behind the platform is completely environmentally-friendly. In recent months, the huge power consumption of many cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, has been the subject of much criticism.

Ubisoft is not alone in its exploration and adoption of blockchain tech and NFTs. EA recently said that it sees a lot of potentials there, while Epic is also more than open to blockchain games on their Epic Game Store. All of this is showing that the NFT gaming era is only getting started in earnest.