Awesome Gaming Video: "Farewell" | Valorant Montage by TylerRekz


Goodbyes are often hard things for all involved. However, sometimes, they are a very welcomed, even necessary move on the part of those who have outgrown a particular environment and who desire to evolve further. Tyler from the TylerRekz YouTube channel is a gamer and content creator who is in this situation. He is a veteran FPS player who has been creating content in the Valorant space for some time, as this old article about his video content here on AAG shows. But, as a fan of all gaming-related things, Tyler began branching out into other games. That is how he found Apex Legends and now is moving into it completely. Because of that, he created his final Valorant montage, which you can see right here:

As you can see, Tyler once again created some amazing gaming content. The video features a perfectly chosen music track, along with some stunning moments from a bunch of Valorant matches. All of that makes it a very fitting end to a great run in this technical shooter. It also signals the start of the next chapter in his streaming and content creation career, which will take him to the incredible landscape of Apex Legends.

There is no doubt that Tyler is extremely talented when it comes to gaming, especially in the competitive FPS domain, but also in terms of content creation. If you appreciate individuals like that, check him out on Twitter and Twitch, where you can see not just what he’s all about, but also his previous work. Do that as well on TylerRekz YouTube channel and give him a subscription as a way of supporting his next gaming content creation chapter!