Awesome Gaming Video: otiriK | "Legends" | Valorant Montage


An excellent gaming montage can be, under the right circumstance, a true work of art. In the case of otiriK YouTube channel, you can see one such example when it comes to Valorant. In this multiplayer shooter, this gamer and content creator does his magic with the soundtrack of Legends Are Made by Sam Tinnesz. Check out the entire video right here:

As you can see, the movement and editing of the clips is finely tuned with the beats of the song, creating one mesmerising experience. Furthermore, the choice of the clips themselves is also amazing and shows just how underrated Valorant remains in the FPS multiplayer community.

Also, the clip shows that Tyler, the creative force behind the otiriK YouTube channel, has so much to offer. His main game of choice is Valoran, but he also plays Phasmophobia, Apex Legends, and Labyrinthine. I'm sure that other games will follow as well.

If you're into upcoming talented gaming content creators, follow Tyler on Twitter, Instagram, and his Discord server. Before you do that, however, don't forget to follow him on his Twitch stream and YouTube channel as well!