Knights and Castles - Exciting New Idle RPG Indie Release!

Pixelabor game development studio is no stranger to the classic RPG genre. Some time ago, its game called Norega was featured here on AAG. Now, however, the same publisher has a brand new game out on the market and to the delight of all role-playing and idle gaming fans. This title is called Knights and Castles and it brings the best of that retro RPG gaming feel you can imagine. Check out the game in its official trailer right here:

In the game, the players take on the role of Bruce, who is a knight dreaming of becoming stronger and more powerful. To do that, he has to overcome enemies and get loot, which can then be used to find and procure upgrades in the town he calls home. As the game progresses, it opens up further elements, like mining and so much more.

At the same time, it offers the idle gameplay process with things like the auto-battle feature, but which is very detailed and precise in terms of damage, boosts, and all other elements. The visuals of the game are in the tradition of the 1990s pixel art, which is more than adequate for this approach to RPG-making. All of this makes for a very appealing mixture of old and new that all retro role-playing fans will simply love.

Get Knights and Castles right now on and enjoy some great RPG and idle gameplay!