Norega - Dynamic and Fun Indie RPG-Idle Combo

All fans of the classic and retro RPG genres will be thrilled to find out that there's a new title out there that blends all of the best elements of this seminal genre with some novel gaming solution. That title is Norega, a dynamic independent game that seeks to blend role-playing and the idle genre. It manages to do just that and then go above and beyond in terms of gameplay quality and the amount of content it provides.

In the game, you take control of Kurt. He is a knight in training and one day, he dreams about Norega, wild and incredible land full of dangers and riches. His king is dismissive of that dream, but soon enough, Kurt is transported just there. In the new lands, he has to make himself a better knight, defeat monsters, and influence so many things as he takes on Norega.
Once you start playing the same title, you will quickly be amazed at just how much content it provides. From alchemy to the sharpening of weapons, the game is really rich in classic RPG elements that so many people know and love. The same goes for the ever-rising difficulty level in combat and how that represents itself on the entire gaming experience.

Norega is a labor of love and that love can be seen in all of its aspects, from the great pixel art graphics and soundtrack to the complex gameplay mechanics. If you're a fan of RPG and idle games, you have to check out Norega on and Steam right now!