Awesome Twitch Stream: What could go wrong in New World? by KidneyCowboy

For some time now, KidneyCowboy has been one of the most prominent Twitch streamers in the World of Warships community. However, he also showed time and time again that he's more than able to take on new games as well. That is why it is awesome to see him play one of the hottest MMORPG releases in years, New World! But, as you'll see in the stream, there's a small catch:

Yes, the overall breakdown in the server structure caused KidneyCowboy to be something like 4800 people in the queue. During that time, he played other games, goofed around with his buddies, and had a great time with New World without having the chance to actually play the same title. Still, it is nonetheless a very entertaining piece of streaming content.

Time goes by but this Texas gamer remains a staple of fun and relaxed gaming content creation. Follow him on on Twitch for more New World stuff (this time from the game hopefully) and also find him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and his Discord server.