Awesome Twitch News - KidneyCowboy and Halo: Combat Evolved!

If you're partial to a bit of high-quality World of Warship action on Twitch, you're probably no stranger to KidneyCowboy. This Texan and long-time Twitch streamer is an established name in the World of Warship community.

Now, the same gamer and content creator decided to mix it up a bit and go for a new game! That title is nothing short that the amazing and now already one of the seminal classic FPS titles, Halo: Combat Evolved. Check that our right here through an embedded stream:

Now, the lights and the stage are set, and the party at the KidneyCowboy Twitch stream can return to this title after 18 years since he originally played the game. But, while the game is new, there's still the good old KidneyCowboy with his super-friendly streaming style. It's great to see this amazing content creator break new grounds and begin a brand new Masterchief adventure. Follow him on Twitch for more and also find him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and his Discord server.