Twitch Stream Showcase: kidneycowboy

Only a few US states have the level of instant recognizability that the Lone Star state offers. From its iconic flag design to the cowboy culture and many other things, Texas provides a super-strong identity, so it’s no surprise that KidneyCowboy Twitch stream shares some of that magic! It is run by a gaming content creator who led a very interesting life. He’s a US Veteran who spent time both in the Army and the Air Force. After he got his honorable discharge, he began working in IT, where he’s now an IT Support Specialist and Windows System Administrator.

If you check out his stream, you can immediately see both the discipline and tech-savviness he brings to his content creation. First, he uses something that I rarely see - real-time textual stream that moves his voice and those of his co-players to text. This might seem minor, but it’s actually a huge deal for people who have their hearing impaired. On the other hand, his discipline is seen in the fact that he marvelously covers his social media bases. You can find KidneyCowboy on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, while he also runs his Discord server.

As for the games he plays, the list is interesting and versatile. It includes all World of Warships/Warplanes, but also WoW, Minecraft, GreedFall, Wurm Unlimited, Unturned and plenty of Just Chatting streams. In all of them, his streaming style is really pleasant and down-to-earth. This is even more impressive if you take into account the fact that he started streaming less than five months ago. All along, KidneyCowboy was and continues to be focused on entertaining his fans and meeting new people while he plays with his friends. Overall, the atmosphere of the stream is very open and friendly, so anyone can easily join this growing community.

If you’re partial to a bit of that Texas flavor and you like your gaming content fun and welcoming, you have to start following the KidneyCowboy Twitch channel right now!