BMDx037 Content Creator going Strong on Multiple Platforms!


It's been precisely two months since BMDx037 was featured here at AAG. This versatile gamer and content creator was more than impressive back then because of a range of reasons, including the fact that he's a cybersecurity graduate. However, it was equally impressive to see Leonardo create content for three different gaming platforms. These include all of the main content creation hubs, which are of course are Facebook Gaming, Twitch, and YouTube.

Today, it's awesome to see Leonardo going strong on all of them. On Facebook, his page has over 14,000 likes, while his Twitch is closing in on the first 1k followers. Of course, his content more than deserves this - if you're unfamiliar with him, check out one of his recent streams on YouTube, where he plays GTA V:

As you can immediately tell, Leonardo knows what he's doing and he's doing it well. So, if you like great gaming content made by talented and ambitious gamers, visit BMDx037 official website, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord server. Once you do, give him a follow on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming - or all of these at the same time!