Awesome Gaming Content Creator: BMDx037

The amazing thing about the BMDx037 gaming content creation is the fact that it is a brand spanning three different streaming platforms. These are Facebook Gaming, Twitch, and YouTube, all thanks to the man behind all of them. This is Leonardo, an avid gamer and a talented content creator. He's a cybersecurity student (more precisely, a recent graduate), but also a lifelong gamer who wanted to show everyone that it is never too late to start sharing your passion with the world. Check him out in action in this really cool recent stream on Twitch:

The number of games and genres that are featured on BMDx037 is as impressive as the number of platforms. Besides GTA 5, he plays Call of Duty titles, Resident Evil Village, MLB The Show 21, but also things like Just Chatting Twitch streams. The future content will also feature a range of games, covering everything from fun and casual to downright scary.

If you find this interesting, find more about Leonardo and his content on his official website, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord server. But, don't forget to also follow BMDx037 on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming - his best content is yet to come on all of these!