otiriK | "GhouL" | Apex Legends Montage - otiriK YouTube Channel moves into a New Game!

It's been some time since a gamer and content creator behind the otiriK brand appeared here at AAG. Back then, it was clear that this Valorant-focused player had a lot to offer to the gaming community. This was especially true for dynamic and very stylish gameplay montages from Valorant, which showcase not just the sheer action from a range of matches, but also the artistic elegance of the game as well.

Back then, I said that I was looking forward to otiriK branching out into other titles as well. Now, that moment arrived and otiriK found a new title! That game is Apex Legends and right now, you can check out his first montage from this famous battle royale franchise. Watch the entire video right here:

It is clear that otiriK worked on the same clip for some time (more than six weeks of gameplay footage, to be precise). The results, however, are well worth the effort, as the video shows over two minutes of intense and gorgeous Apex action. In them, otiriK uses a range of weapons and showcases many different situations in matches, presenting not only a powerful piece of gaming content but also the sheer level of FPS talent that goes into the same montages.

If you're even remotely interested in Apex Legends, you have to follow otiriK on Twitch and Twitter to stay in the loop with any new content around the corner from this game. Before you do, however, subscribe to the otiriK YouTube channel as soon as you can and enjoy new montages and other videos as soon as they hit the platform!