Wood Shop Builder - Excellent & Innovative Mobile Title that merges Several Genres

In the modern video game industry, most development studios are content with chasing a tried and tested formula. That is why the mobile market, in particular, is saturated with games that mostly seem and feel too familiar. However, from time to time, studios will dare to try something new. On an even rarer occasion, some of them will create a game that is both a success and which pushes the entire gaming domain to its next step.

IN YOUR FACE GAMES is one such studio and Wood Shop Builder is one such game. This title, available on the Android and iOS platforms, is a perfect example of a bold and innovative concept that manages to become an excellent and very cohesive game. The same studio already has a very successful title called Wacronyms, but Wood Shop Builder really presents a whole playing field.

In the game, players will take on the work of a woodshop creator, making different pieces of furniture. However, this straightforward concept has several distinctive elements. First, the players need to spin the wheel to attain coins and other supplies. From there, they begin to harvest wood in the forest through a mini-game, but also play other mini-games with power tools to construct the objects they plan to make. Throughout all of this, the tools and procedures in question are both realistic and immensely fun in their own right.

All the while, the game also has a social component and offers players a chance to join a team and take on other teams. A growing Facebook community of players shows just how engaging this element of the game truly is.

With all of these advantages in its corner, it is no wonder that Wood Shop Builder is a heavyweight in the domain of innovative mobile games. If you'd like to try it for free, download it from Google Play and the App Store. Once you install Wood Shop Builder, you'll be able to start creating amazing things like never before!