Wacronyms - Simple & Brilliant Mobile Word Game

Sometimes, the best concepts for casual mobile games come from ideas that are too often overlooked as overly simplistic. Yet, when done right, the same idea can become an amazing game that countless individuals across the globe can enjoy. Wacronyms, a title by IYF (In Your Face) Games is without any doubt such a title and it manages to go above and beyond a regular word game concept. The title is available on Google Play and the App Store, but the offer it brings is truly unique.

In this game, players are tasked with creating funny and amusing phrases from a randomly-given acronym that appears on their screen. However, this takes place in a multiplayer setting where everyone takes on other real people in the game. Five players see the same acronym and have a limited time to write up their vision of what it stands for. Then, players need to choose which one they find to be the best (no one can vote for their candidate). The winner takes these points and the group moves to the next round.

With that easy-to-understand concept, the game of Wacronyms really presents a very fresh idea. All of us often see acronyms and then we think up some odd and funny explanation for what they stand for. Wacronyms not only gamify this desire but also makes it a competitive fun activity.  The entire experience of playing is there to streamline this incredibly addictive and engaging concept, especially for those who love word games in general. So, the UI, game menus, and everything else have been created to facilitate that fun experience.

If you're a fan of casual word games and compact competitive games, you will love to enjoy this game with your friends. Follow the developers on their website, YouTube, Twitter, and the game's Facebook page, but also download Wacronyms for free right now for Android and iOS devices right now.