Rockets In Space - Excellent Casual Sci-Fi Arcade

Great casual mobile games are first and foremost simple in their basic design. In the case of Rockets In Space, that simplicity is well and truly there, but so is an amazing level of engagement and challenge. In this title, players need to launch rockets that have to destroy hostile planets.

However, to do that successfully, they need an impeccable sense of timing and precision. As the levels change the challenge of the game rises as well, making it exceedingly dynamic and interesting to play. In no time at all, players will find themselves completely hooked on the game, especially if they like hyper-casual titles.

Of course, the game offers additional features, like unlocking new rockets that will keep players engaged over the long-term as well. All of that comes with amazing casual graphics and a cartoon style reminiscent of the retro 1950s visuals, which work great with the overall topic of the game.

Thanks to all of this, it is clear that the Two Sore Thumbs development team pulled a major success once again. The developers of hit games like Catch The Train 2 clearly know what they're doing, which is why all casual gaming fans should download Rockets in Space for free on Google Play or the App Store and enjoy this excellent game.