First Look: Catch the Train 2

Public transport has always been a source of inspiration for game developers. Mini Metro is just one of the excellent examples of the same trend. Recently, the Chewwok development studio announced that its game in the same domain is being released as an advanced beta version 0.1. 

The game in question is called Catch the Train 2 and it promises loads of fun for mobile gamers who enjoy finding solutions to the endless entanglements of mass transit.

Catch the Train 2 Basic Facts

Under the hood, the game is a fast-paced puzzle game. It uses a drag-and-drop mechanic to allow players to manipulate commuters in busy train stations. There are five stations and each of them has its own unique theme. Altogether, the stations make up for over 100 individual levels. The gameplay provides an endless play mode, along with a separate challenge one. 

To overcome the levels, the players will have access to numerous power-up and also be able to compete against opponents using a shared scoreboard. From the audio-visual perspective, the game provides a cool soundtrack and great casual graphics, ideal for a game of this type.

If all of this sounds interesting to you, check out the beta version at the Huawei App Gallery and follow the game's future updates on its official website.