Awesome Gaming Video: Madden 21 Ultimate Team Christmas Hardknocks Episode 2 by TheRealDsmoove

It's been several months since I featured TheRealDsmoove content creator here on the website. Since then, this gamer who is mainly into the NFL and the Madden series has been keeping busy. In his case, that takes the form of really cool content from the same football franchise and a range of very engaging videos he has made since then. Check out his latest clip, called Madden 21 Ultimate Team Christmas Hardknocks Episode 2.

As you can see, TheRealDsmoove only improved his game in every sense! This video is a very smooth presentation of both his pre-game selection of players and his plans to get some of them, but also a great showcase of the actual game in action. A chill soundtrack, as well as TheRealDsmoove's cool content creation style also vibe exceedingly well with each other.

Of course, other Madden fans are also reacting well to his content, which is why his YouTube channel is presently at nearly 1.5k subs. He plans on improving that very soon, being that he is on a road to 2k subs. He more than deserves to get there and way past it.

Presently, you can find TheRealDsmoove on Twitch and Twitter, so check him out there as well. But, if you're really into some excellent Madden NFL 2021, you have to subscribe to TheRealDsmoove YouTube channel immediately!