Awesome Gaming Video: Madden 20 Ultimate team ALL DOLPHINS TEAM (EPISODE 1)

Dsmoove is a gaming content creator who is all about the NFL, more precisely the Madden series. So far, the sole focus of his TheRealDsmoove YouTube channel was this title, so it is no surprise to see him create a video that will amaze both fans of Madden 20 and those of the NFL. Among them, the supporters of the Miami Dolphins, in particular, will enjoy this video of his:

The clip is the start of a series where TheRealDsmoove will see how far he will take the Dolphins. Immediately, you can see just how invested he is in the NFL, showcasing his team and many facts about the players from the real world as well. This combo of content for NFL fans and gamers is something that gives his channel a clear edge - seamlessly, TheRealDsmoove blends both into a really enjoyable gaming video.

At the same time, it goes without saying just how fun and chill he is while he plays. This will be essential if he decides to pursue other games as well, like Call of Duty, which he streamed for the first time recently.

Fun, knowledgeable, and great to watch, TheRealDsmoove YouTube is a must-subscribe for all those who love the NFL, Madden, and everything else football-related.