Awesome Gaming News: Himdwnstares begins a period of VR Playstation Gaming!

Himdwnstares is a gaming content creator who was already featured here, thanks to his very versatile and very cool approach to making videos and streams. Since then, even though only a handful of months has passed, Himdwnstares has not been idle. Instead, he expanded his presence further both in terms of content quality, but also when it comes to the platform where his videos can be found.

This is why he now operates both a YouTube channel and a Facebook gaming page. The channel on YouTube, called Himdwnstares, already has over 1,400 subscribers. Likewise, his Facebook gaming page is also above 1.4k followers and had made Level Up Partner with Facebook Gaming. All of this was made possible thanks to Himdwnstares' amazing sense of not just editing and content creation skills, but also his gaming prowess and an intuitive ability to make amazingly entertaining videos. Just check out his recent video from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to see a bit of that Himdwnstares magic.

Of course, the big news here is the fact that he is, starting with November 2020, turning his attention to virtual reality gaming. Using Playstation VR, he'll be playing these titles in the following months. This is an amazing opportunity to get into his brand of content creation and enjoy what will be undoubtedly awesome VR gaming videos.

So, go ahead and follow him on his Facebook gaming page and check out his brand new Teespring store for some excellent merch. Of course, first and foremost, subscribe to Himdwnstares YouTube channel right now!