Awesome Twitch Stream: Himdwnstares

In the video game content community, often - even too often - you can hear that someone is a “powerhouse of gaming”. This is presently so ever-present that it became a trope of sorts, where a person gets this title seemingly every day by someone.

However, in the case of the himdwnstares Twitch stream, the game behind this content truly deserves it. First of all, there’s the approach itself that comes with an insane amount of branding. The logo of the stream is a gorilla in a vest and bow tie. Simple enough, right? However, check out the Instagram of the same creator and see numerous versions of hashing and rehashing of this concept, covering everything from Arnold Schwarzenegger in Command to General George Washington crossing the Delaware.

The same in-depth and dedicated approach can be seen when it comes to the gaming content that Himdwnstares uses. For example, check out this recent stream of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg for this game. Besides some performing arts clips and Diablo III, there is also content from Star Wars: Battlefront, Call of Duty: Warzone, Infliction, and Ace Combat 7, just to name a few titles. These have very little in common, besides being exceptional AAA games. All the while, Himdwnstares has a really cool approach in presenting all of these titles, making new fans something that clearly happens organically for the channel. The fact that the same gamer worked on Mixer and then transitioned to Twitch also shows a welcome degree of foresight.

Ultimately, it’s the level of commitment that Himdwnstares puts into content creation. That is why besides the mentioned locations, you can also find a Facebook fan page, YouTube channel, Twitter, and a PayPal donation page. There is even a merch store with some cool products at GorillaGoneRogue. Reaching out directly on Discord can be done through the Himdwnstares#2502 username.

If you’d like to support this content creator in a venture that clearly includes a lot of time and effort, start following himdwnstares Twitch stream right now!