The Pixel Asylum - Growing Retro YouTube Channel

A few months ago, I covered The Pixel Asylum, which was then a YouTube channel that was only starting. Thanks to its combo of a huge love for retro gaming and an amazing and super-weird sense of humor, the channel showed a lot of promise. Today, I'm happy to say that it steamrolled over the 100 subscriber line and is fast approaching its next milestone.

All the while, the quality and that amazing oddness is still there - in fact, it is only becoming more and more refined and pronounced. Just check the most recent video of Trigger Man and its subsequent judgment of ascension or detention by the Pixel Asylum.

At the same time, he’s been making a big splash on Twitter with his seemingly endless stream of incredible gaming finds from a bygone era. These come in the form of nearly-forgotten Spectrum cassettes and these alone are well worth the time of anyone who’s into retro gaming. Furthermore, he and people like RoseTintedSpectrum, Stu the adventure Brummie, and James O'Grady have a small community that is a must-follow as well.

As The Pixel Asylum marches on through humor and long-lost gaming gems to his 1k subs, the only thing there is to say is shine on, you crazy retro diamond!