Awesome YouTube Channel: The Pixel Asylum

There's one thing that immediately won me over when it comes to The Pixel Asylum YouTube channel. At the start of its most recent video, featuring a review of the classic Golden Axe game, the first second of the clip features a small sticker that reads "Guaranteed 100% Fact-Free".

Besides, the review does a deep-dive into the game, its mechanics, history and so much more, all wrapped in a lot of humor and all manner of jokes (including some fake GDD writing and a bunch of factually incorrect facts). You can watch the rest of the video right here.
The person behind this and other similar videos is Scott. His goal with the channel is to create comedy and spoof reviews of retro and vintage titles. Even though he recently started, you can already see that Scott has his approach locked - his videos are loaded with information, many of which are completely false, which is then enforced by borderline-insane cross-references. At the same time, his voice acting and presentation is spot-on for very sarcastic and dry humor he presents in his videos.

Throughout all of this, you can see that all great satirists, Scott is really a huge fan of gaming and retro titles in particular. In a domain where too many content creators take themselves and their work deathly seriously, seeing Scott both poke fun and celebrate the things he loves is super-welcomed. Right now, he is forcing on the 5 to 7-minute clips, but hopefully, he’ll move onto the longer form as well - he’s got what it takes to make that work as well.

If you too love retro games and you don’t mind a deadpan gaming joke or two, follow The Pixel Asylum on Facebook and Twitter. But, don’t forget to first and foremost, subscribe to The Pixel Asylum YouTube channel right now!