Extnt Puzzle is out on Android and iOS

The unique and interesting Extnt mobile puzzle game was already covered here at Awesome Android Games. As stated back then, under a basic-sounding setup of having to escape the circular, maze-like structures, the game offers an original puzzle approach. Momentarily, there is more great news from Udeonx, the development studio behind this innovative title - Extnt is out not just on Android but also on Apple iOS. Now, all fans of puzzle gaming will be able to download it on its official App Store page.

The game comes with a series of features that make it so different and appealing than regular puzzle apps. Extnt comes with a unique generation of the gameplay environment, where algorithms build each maze and make it unique. Responsive and unique controls allow players to explore their ways of thinking and thus relish this challenging yet super-fun title.

If you enjoy mobile puzzles, check you a preview of Extnt on YouTube and check out its official website. Once there, you can download and try the game on any mobile device for free!