Hot on Android: Extnt (Puzzle Game)

Often, you can see how serious a game development team is by nothing more than the user interface of their game. In the case of Udeonx and their Extnt puzzle game, you won't be hard-pressed to see that they are very serious. The same goes for their latest gaming app. It represents a new twist on the puzzle experience that blends cutting-edge mobile device technologies with a straightforward and very engaging gameplay mechanics.

In the game, the players will be tasked with finding a route out of a series of circular minimalistic labyrinth structures. To do that, they will have a range of options at their disposal, including gyroscope, touch force, rotation, and directional assist. As the challenges rise in their complexity, the players will also have access to an interesting metagame leaderboard principle. Extnt has a dual ranking system that measures both global and local levels of success. This will have a huge appeal for anyone who loves the competitive aspect of otherwise very solemnly-minded games.

It is clear that Udeonx took a puzzle gaming app and decided to reinvent or redesign almost every element these games have. The excellent result speaks for itself, so if you want to learn more, visit the game's official website or simply download and try it for free at Google Play right now!