Awesome Gaming Video: Pixelmon | Pixelmon Multiplayer Gameplay | Choosing My First Pokemon - Ep.1

The1RussianBear and his awesome videos are no stranger to Awesome Android Games. Now he's back with a new and once again very unique and fun take on an offbeat (sort of) game.

In this case, The1RussianBear and his friend are trying out what could be the holy grail of gaming for many younger generations - Pixelmon. Yes, this is a mod of Minecraft that allows you to capture Pokemons, providing the best of two Z gen main gaming fascinations (besides Fortnite). Check out the whole video here:
Unsurprisingly, the results are interesting, hilarious and disturbing, all at the same time! If you're a Pokemon or Minecraft fan, this is a must-watch for nothing more than the pure weirdness factor of this whole Pixelmon mode.

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