Awesome Gaming Video: Satisfactory | Building The Huge Space Elevator Ep.7

The thing that makes this video awesome is not the fact that it takes place in Satisfactory, a new simulation where you use the power of factory automation to build a base on an alien planet (all the while playing in first person). The video is awesome because its gaming content creator, The1RussianBear, is playing with his friend Clash, who knows a lot more about the game.

Together, they set out to build a space elevator and if you know your sci-fi (any sci-fi) you know this is not an easy task. In the next 15 minutes, the two of them prove that idea wrong, as you can see in the video below:
Just like this video (which is a part of an ongoing series), the entire YouTube channel is really cool. The1RussianBear is - no surprises there - a Russian who completed his US studies and now makes content in a range of genres, covering walkthroughs, but also Let's Play clips of strategies, shooters, MMOs, simulations and much more. His presentation includes him wearing a bear mask (which might be a bit off-putting at first for some) but also making some exceedingly cool, informed and fun videos.

Right now, he’s also doing his first giveaway of two Division 2 license keys - to join the first one, follow him on Twitter, like and comment on his latest tweet. For the second giveaways, follow him at his Instagram account. While you’re following the guy, do the same for his Twitch stream and help this unique gaming content creator get to more people - his videos definitely deserve it!