Hot on Android: Chess Rush by Tencent

Tencent is a heavyweight among heavyweights in the gaming industry, so when it releases a game, you pay attention. The publisher of PUBG mobile has put out Chess Rush on the market and thrown its lot into the auto-chess mania. So far, the response has been mixed, but the game still immediately blew up on Google Play, which is not a big surprise by any account. So, is it worth your time, especially if you're new in the genre?

Chess Rush as Tencent's Reply to Auto-Chess

Only days after the game was announced, it appeared on the market. In the game, players battle against seven other human opponents and try to be the last one standing on the grid. They use the characters they get on a random principle and place them on the board, which adds up to a mechanic that is half-chess, half-card game. With over 50 heroes and characters, the choices are abundant and the game constantly changes based on the number of remaining players.

Right now, there appear to be some server issues and the rating of the game is low - 3.4 from almost 900 reviews. However, the developers are diligently replying to comments and reviews, so it is clear that they are working hard to resolve any problems. Let's hope they do because the game clearly has a lot of potential and might quickly become the one to beat in the auto-chess arena. Check it out on the Chess Rush Google Play page.