Hot on Android: Dota Underlords as Auto-Chess

Dota, one of the biggest MOBA franchises in the world and key players in the early esports scene just got an Android game, more precisely an auto-chess title. This was a development that came out of the blue for many in the world, but for the huge number of fans, the news is great. Many others are wondering - what the hell is auto-chess anyway?

Dota Underlords as Auto-Chess

The setup of the game is (relatively) simple - auto-chess is a blend of MOBA, battle royale, regular turn-based strategy game and well, chess. It showcases eight opponents who battle it out until there is a single champion left. In each turn, the players battle one random opponent and after that, they draw a new battle piece (from the Dota universe) that they can use on the board.

In the later stages of the game, players can set more pieces on the board, which opens the road to bonuses, piece combos and other fun stuff like that. As the simulated turn-based multiplayer battle goes on, the opponents drop off, finally leaving a head-to-head between the two last contenders.

All of this might sound both interesting and complicated, so if you want to try out Dota Underlords (which is still in the open Beta phase), check the game out on Google Play.