Twitch Stream Showcase: TokyoAux

You don’t have to watch the TokyoAux Twitch stream for too long to figure out that for the person running it, one thing is important - community. Tokyo Aux, also known as Aux is a gamer who enjoys a range of genres, famous and virtually unknown, and wants to showcase it all to the channel's audience. He also spends gaming sessions with his squad called the OWL GANG - you can find their collective exploits on their YouTube channel.

However, I said that Aux sees the community as paramount because of the actions of this streamer. So, in one of the channel’s gaming sessions, one of the members of the same community stated that they had a mental breakdown recently. Aux immediately responded (this all takes place in the chat window) and they had a human one to one about very serious issues like a breakdown or mental health crisis. In this small exchange, you can see that Aux is not just a gamer but also a decent human being who is simply trying to support an individual going through a rough time. Everything else should come second to that.

At the same time, Aux is working hard on growing the TokyoAux channel. Its follower base is edging towards the first 1k and there are plenty of reasons for that rising number. Aux plays titles like Killing Floor 2, Earthfall, Fortnite but also small games like Floor Kids, Drowning and Corridor Z. This is really a very eclectic selection of titles and the smaller games are precisely that - small. Even seasoned gamers probably never heard of at least one of the games Aux plays. On a practical side, the channel has a tight streaming schedule (Wednesday to Sunday) and a range of well-defined benefits for subscribers. These include loyalty badges, a private subscriber-only chat, ad-free experience and much more.

With this combo of being a decent person and having a lot of eagerness and drive to make the channel work, Aux should be on everyone’s viewing list. Check out TokyoAux Twitch channel and join its awesome and growing community.