Fortnite Breaks 15M Installs on Android

Fortnite is etching history right on the previously hard (or even impenetrable) surface of the international Android gaming community. What was once the domain of Google Play is now showing its first major crack with the Epic Games release that is provided directly as an APK installation on their website. 

The unorthodox method of distribution (at least outside of China, where Epic's big brother Tencent comes from) seems to be working like a charm as the figure of 15 million installs clearly shows. According to Epic, this equates to 23 million players.

Clearly, this can be a very big and very bad thing for Google, so the company tried to hit back (with a under-the-belt swing), saying the installation comes with some vulnerabilities. But, it looks like the users are not exactly losing sleep about this.

In any case, the Google tower of Android app distribution seems to be shaking, at least when it comes to games.