Twitch Stream Showcase: Timing_Beams

The Timing_Beams Twitch stream belongs to Kyle and when you give it a moment or two, you can immediately figure out that he’s one cool customer. In an environment where streamers and game content creator chose to clown around as much as they can (which is almost always too much for me personally), he calmly plays and communicates with his teammates and the audience. However, don’t let this make you think his content is boring or slow-paced.

He’s a competitive Call of Duty and Apex Legends player. His current Twitch content focuses mostly on the latter where he has over 4,000 kills. In short, Timing_Beams is serious about FPS gaming and he knows his stuff, as you can tell from his YouTube channel as well.

In general, the entire Timing_Beams play style and approach is best showcased in a single Apex Legends match stream. After an intense firefight in which his team wins, he goes out of a building, but just a moment later, you can hear one of his teammates call out "On me, on me!" in a slightly panicking voice. Without missing a beat or changing his calm facial expression, Timing_Beams turns around, goes back to the same space and kills off the attacker in two seconds flat, saving the teammate. After that, he continues the match, cool as a cucumber.

If you love to watch some really intense and really cool Apex Legends action without the usual obnoxious BS, check out Timing_Beams Twitch channel right now!