Apex Legends smashes another Fortnite Record

Respawn must be opening up bottles of something good and expensive, being that its game overcame another record from its main competitor, Fortnite. EA, the publisher of the blitzkrieg battle royale title announced that Apex Legends took 30 days to reach 50 million players.

In comparison - and this must feel so sweet to EA and Respawn - Fortnite took 100 days to hit 45 million. Of course, this happened some years ago and Fortnite had a direct hand in making sure that the battle royale genre grows beyond the realistic and slow-moving PUBG waters. But, growth is still growth and now the momentum is in Respawn's title.

Taking on Fortnite

The news is also well-timed because Apex Legends is gearing for a new round of extra content, including in-game additions and a new battle pass. But don’t let you think that Fortnite is out of the picture in any shape or form. With over 200 million players, it is still the big dog of the pack.

However, Apex Legends has the ace in the sleeve - its mobile version as well as a Switch release. While Nintendo Switch is still relatively small compared to other platforms, getting Apex Legends on Android could again push Fortnite as the two struggle to get (or keep) the battle royale crown.