Dig Master Review

As a simulation game, Dig Master goes well beyond what most casual games in this genre provide. Firstly, it actually features a gameplay segment where you get to make decisions based not just on your long-term calculation, but the things actually happening on the screen. Secondly, the game provides a way of advancing forward that does not feel bothersome of artificially made difficult. But, it has a big downside for many players.

Dig for Money

The basic objective of the game is to dig down during each digging session and both get as much money from artifact as possible and reach the deepest part. Players move left or right with their digging and pick up things like ore, diamonds or even human remains. All of them end up like money that can be used to purchase upgrades. Quickly, this becomes a really fun and enticing process that beckon you to go further. It also stimulates your feeling of greed, which is why the game reminded me a bit of Cash Inc.

Low Reviews on the count of Ads

Dig Master Reviews are pretty poor - it has a 3.6-star rating based on 1,700 reviews. The game is much better than 3.6 but the problem came about because of the ads. Even now, the game is pretty ad-heavy but as I gather from the reviews, it was even worse before. This is a crying shame because, in its essence, it’s a cool casual experience. Developers, never kill your solid game with an ad-storm.


A fine blend of casual gameplay and idle genre, but that could use fewer ads. Get Dig Master on Google Play right here!