Cash, Inc. Review (Video)

Cash, Inc. is a money-making (virtual money) clicker game that taps (pun intended) directly into the domain of human love for making stone cold cash. In this free idle game, players are tasked with producing as much money as possible inside of an office building where they can purchase a range of different stores. You begin with a humble comic book store and then gradually work your way to outer space, which you can see in my Let’s Play of the game:

The gameplay of this release is fun and engaging, especially thanks to a range of helpers. Most of those who are into pop culture will easily recognize them. The game also nicely combined its tapping mechanics with great visual assets and a smooth audio experience. Finally, the greed element really cements this game’s ability to provide their players with minimal interactivity and a whole lot of fun.


If you are a sucker for clicker games, you’ll love this. Download the game right here!